Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Uk to open doors to transracial adoption

Hallelujah! The UK is moving into the 21st century with the announcement today in The Times that they are going to allow mix race adoptions. For decades these poor children have been languishing in the system and aging out without ever having the chance to find a loving family simply because the government has the outmoded idea that you cannot mix ethnic backgrounds in adoption. Surely the most important thing is that a child has a chance to lead a normal life. And that is a life with a family and all the ups and downs of family life. We hope that this new announcement will bring many more families into the adoption arena bringing joy to many childless couples.
The system still though needs to be overhauled and streamlined. Professionalism needs to reign so to the knowledge that a certain percentage of adoptions will fail and take that into consideration and account. The Social Services fear of making a mistake is criminal and has resulted in only 2300 adoptions approved last year out of 65000 children in care. Someone needs to take responsibility and step up to the plate. They may say that they are hoping to readress the racial situation but unless they make positive changes that allows for the human condition and relationships, I fear it might just be 'hot air'.
The all new International Adoption Guide will be coming 1 December

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Miss Hemmings said...

I to am heartened to hear this news. Hopefully it will bring more children into loving families that want to take care of them regardless of race. I have just been looking at your website and reading the Journey section but I am questioning whether even starting the process would be worth the intrusion. I have four sons and I am expecting my fifth. I would at some point like to bring a little girl into our family, probably from India or China. But at this moment I seriously doubt that the authorities here in the UK would even consider us as suitable. Everything I read seems to pain a very bleak picture!